Once you are an Ashray Resident, we make sure that you become a part of the larger family and here, in Ashray, every resident knows his/her responsibilities.

1. No one other than your mother/guardian is permitted to enter the premises and can remain with their child for one night Only (Maximum of 5 evenings in a year).

2. Visiting hours of Guardians/friends are between 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm only.

3. Night outs are carefully disallowed without accommodation of earlier assent from guardians only.

4. The doors will stay shut from 10:30 PM – 6:30 AM, how ever all the residents ought to enter the premises not later than 10.00 pm.

5. Food (as indicated by menu) will be served at a fixed time.

6. All residents are needed to enter/exit through a biometric entrance to keep up appropriate presence records.                

7. Prepaid power meters have been installed in each room by Ashray Living. That should be recharged by a sum that will be shared by all residents of the room.

8. Each occupant is answerable for appropriate upkeep of the Property.

9. All the residents have entered according to lease concurrence with an agreed time of 11 months. Moving/leaving in the agreement isn't passable/permitted. Infringement of understanding outcomes relinquishing of advance security store.

10. Room cleaning will be done between 10 am to 6 pm everyday.

11. The lease should be kept by the seventh of consistently no matter what. Late charges of Rs. 100 every day will be charged,

12. The security store can't be changed against your month to month lease and will be discounted on the culmination of lease understanding as it were.

13. Residents should deal with their possessions/resources. The board won't be answerable for any robbery, fire, or misfortune.

14. Smoking and drinking liquor is carefully precluded

15. PG Management holds rights to confine PG residents to enter PG premises in any conditions.

16. No profits and abrogation will be acknowledged in the wake of making installment.